Hello, World

Testing, testing, 1 2 3 …

just kidding.

Hello there. I’m Sierra True, and I write erotic romance – sometimes with the stress on erotic, and sometimes with the stress on romance. I can’t imagine how you found your way to my humble pages, but now that you’re here let me tell you a little bit about what this blog is not.

It’s not a place where I write about writing. There are so many terrific people already doing this that I’d only be redundant. In fact, here’s a link to Jenna Moreci’s Youtube channel. Her videos are not only full of great advice like how to create believable characters, edit your own work, and find an agent, they’re also pretty damn funny. You’re welcome.

It’s not a place where I review books. Again – so many other great places are doing this. My favorite is Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. If you’re a romance fan and you somehow managed to miss them, get thee there, pronto. I promise you’ll come away laughing, and with some great recommendations.

It’s not a place where I share works in progress. I know a lot of author’s do this, and I admire their courage. I, however, am a neurotic perfectionist, and no one sees a word until it’s all finished, edited, and edited again. And then once more. So forget it – no sneak peeks.

So what the hell is this blog for? The only thing I could think of that no one else can do: my own personal musings on real love, romance, and adventure.

There’s a lot of crazy ideas floating around erotic romance novels about what real love is and what it looks like. Partly that’s because fantasy is not reality (and woohoo! for fantasy), but it’s also partly because popular culture sends women some seriously fucked messages about men and relationships. And to that I say, let’s talk about it!

So stop in every Monday for Ms. True’s thoughts about love, romance, and living an adventurous life. Until next time, happy reading!



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